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The Central Office is strategically located in Jackson, the capitol city of the State of Mississippi. This allows easy access to opportunities for collaboration and partnerships with varied governmental agencies, social programs and other civic organizations.

This office is responsible for the overall planning, managing and monitoring of all programs sponsored by the Corporation.

The staff consists of an Executive Administrator, Content Area Directors, Managers, Coordinators, Specialists and other support personnel.

The Central Office houses three Head Start content areas: Early Childhood Development and Health Services, Family/Community Partnerships/Eligibility, Recruitment, Selection, Enrollment, and Attendance (ERSEA), and Program Design and Management. Other support areas include: Regional Services, Program Support Services and Family Health Services.

The Executive Administrator is responsible for the overall management of all programs, shapes the programs' direction, mission and strategy with direct authority over Content Area Directors and other support areas.

The Content Area Directors are responsible for all content area services with direct authority over Central Office content area staff. They have the assigned responsibility of planning, developing, monitoring, training and follow-up for content area activities assigned; approved by the Executive Administrator.

Content Area Managers, Coordinators and Specialists are responsible for translating the program's overall policies into operational procedures and methods. They have the assigned responsibility for monitoring and follow-up training and report directly to the Content Area Director.

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