MISSISSIPPI ACTION FOR PROGRESS (MAP), INCORPORATED was chartered under the laws of the State of Mississippi on September 13, 1966 as a private non-profit organization for the specific purpose of eliminating the paradox of poverty in certain counties in Mississippi. This noble and honorable purpose was to be accomplished by opening to everyone opportunities for education and training, the opportunity to work and the opportunity to live in decency and dignity as envisioned under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964, later amended to include the Head Start Act.

MAP, Inc. was founded by a biracial group of men, equal in number and committed to the principles and practices of sound program and fiscal management and operations to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of services to children and families. As an organization, MAP's founders demonstrated in their actions and required of MAP's continued operations the values of honesty and integrity; teamwork; open and clear communications; and excellence in service. As an acroymn, MAP is often referred to as "Minds Activated for People".

MAP's rich history of fifty-seven (57) years has been characterized by many adversities and challenges including early vetoes of federal funding by the Governor of the State; local threats to staff members and organizers; the refusal of health professionals to provide health services for children; and identifying facilities to serve the children. However, the organization's unwavering desire and strong determination to support the full and active participation of the disenfranchised and vulnerable members of society in the educational, economic, social and political arenas of the State have remained undaunted.  

MAP's Head Start Program is designed to serve as a catalyst for change and development of a broad range of programs which meet the needs of the disadvantaged community. MAP's Head Start Program is a service program for children, as well as a mechanism for increased parental involvement with the children, and the community to effect positive change in the poverty conditions characteristic of the Head Start targeted service area. Active participation and decision-making opportunities by the parent as well as community persons are a major thrust of MAP.

MAP, Inc.