Head Start

Early Childhood Education Services consist of
  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Disability Services
  • Mental Health
  • ECE Services to ensure our children are prepared for kindergarten.
  • ECE Services ensure our ECE staff is provided with knowledge, resources, support, and best practices to ensure a high-quality teaching and learning environment.
  • ECE Services to ensure our children that need further intervention receive timely services.

Coaching services
Coaching is a service provided to support teachers using the Practice Based Coaching Model as they implement effective teaching practices that lead to positive outcomes for children.
The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) is an observation tool used to measure the quality of teacher/child interactions. CLASS observations are conducted three times a year by CLASS reliable staff.
Disability Services
Ensuring all enrolled children (Birth-5) with disabilities or suspected of having a disability, including those who are eligible for Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA) services, and their families to receive all applicable program services and fully participate in all program’s activities.

Collaborate with the local education agency (LEA) to locate, identify, and evaluate children that may be suspected of having a disability and who may need special education and related services under IDEA.

At least 10% of the funded enrollment of children enrolled in Head Start will be children with disabilities who are determined eligible for special education and related services, or early intervention services, as determined under IDEA.
Mental Health Services
Early childhood mental health is the social, emotional, and behavioral well-being of children birth through five years and their families. When we talk about early childhood mental health, we mean a child’s ability to: 
  • experience warm and responsive relationships with caregivers
  • create relationships with others
  • explore and learn socially
  • communicate in play
  • express and regulate emotions
Secure mental health consultation services on a schedule of sufficient and consistent frequency to ensure a mental health consultant is available to partner with staff and families in a timely and effective manner.
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